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Dog clothes: what interest?

Vêtements pour chien : quel intérêt ? - melissafendrichcreations

Interest n°1: protect your dog from the cold

We are not all equal in the face of the cold. The same is true for dogs.

Indeed, some dog breeds are more sensitive to the cold than others.

The coat is obviously an element to take into account: a dog with thick fur will not fear the cold (generally), unlike a dog with short hair.

Did you know that some dogs have no undercoat? Which makes them much more vulnerable than other races.

Protecting your dog from the cold also means preserving your immune system, so think about it.

Interest n°2: protect your dog from the rain

A lot of dogs hate the rain. Just like us, right?

You know those rainy days when you're forced to drag your dog outside to take him for a walk?

Know that this one could be more pleasant for him, if your dog wore a small waterproof coat.

Besides, he wouldn't come home soaked from a ride.

Think about it!

Interest n°3: The style

Dressing up your dog has an interest for people who are sensitive to the style of the latter.

Indeed, even if opinions differ on this subject, some people take pleasure in dressing their dog, and even, in some cases, matching it to their own outfit.

When you know the benefits mentioned above, why not?

Why not combine beauty and practicality? (In respect of his dog of course)

Discover our high quality dog ​​clothes.

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