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The IATA standard for dog carrier bags (air travel)

La norme IATA pour les sacs de transport pour chien (voyage en avion) - melissafendrichcreations

What is the IATA standard?

The IATA Standard for Pet Carriers is a set of rules and specifications that define the minimum requirements for carrier bags used to transport pets on aircraft. These standards aim to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of animals during their transport by plane.

What are the criteria ?

Pet carriers must meet a number of criteria to be IATA compliant. Here are some of the most important criteria:

  • Bags should be made from strong, durable materials that can withstand wear and extreme temperatures.
  • They must have sufficient ventilation to allow the animal to breathe safely during the flight.
  • They should be spacious enough to allow the animal to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably.
  • They must be fitted with a secure closing system to prevent the animal from escaping.

Some precisions :

It is important to note that each airline may have additional requirements and restrictions for pet carriers. It is therefore important to check the policies of each company before traveling with an animal. It is also important to consult a veterinarian to find out if the animal is suitable for this type of transport and to obtain the documents necessary to travel with the animal.

It is also important to note that certain breeds of dogs are not allowed to travel by plane, even if they are carried in an IATA-compliant bag. It is therefore important to check with the airline before booking a flight for an animal.

If you want to know more about air travel with your dog, do not hesitate to read this article .

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