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Blanket for dog or cat: what interests?

Couverture pour chien ou chat : quels intérêts ? - melissafendrichcreations

Keep your pet warm:

The first and most obvious advantage of a blanket for your dog or cat is to keep him warm.

Indeed, many dogs and cats like to take refuge under a blanket when they sleep to keep warm. Offering them a blanket is therefore a very good way to create a real warm little cocoon for them to sleep in.

Do not dirty your sofa:

As you know, our animals love above all (for the most part) to come with us on the sofa.

However, it is not always easy to keep your sofa clean when our dog or our cat climbs on it.

However, it is also very difficult to resist them and deny them access.

The blanket is therefore the perfect compromise to allow our animals to come to your sofa, without dirtying it.

Thus, you will place the blanket on the sofa, your pet will know that it is HIS place on the sofa and everyone will be satisfied.

A comforting place:

The blanket for your pet can also be a comforting place for him, everywhere, in all circumstances.

For example, when you take it with you to friends, you can bring its blanket. In this way, he will have a place to take refuge and where he will feel confident.

The same is true for trips by car or to the vet.

Also, when you leave your pet alone at home, he will have a special place to sleep, where he will smell your scent. This will help you reduce stress.

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