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How to transport your dog in the city?

Comment transporter son chien en ville ? - melissafendrichcreations

Using a leash with a collar or harness:

The first way to transport your dog around town is to use the traditional way, which is to walk your dog with a leash, collar or harness.

Very useful for your dog to exercise and do his business.

However, in certain circumstances, leaving your dog on the ground in town can be very dangerous, especially if you have a small dog, because of the people and the traffic, in particular.

Our selection of leashes, collars and harnesses for dogs.

Using a dog carrier:

You all know it: the dog carrier bag.

It has a lot of advantages. The most important is certainly that it allows you to transport your dog safely close to you.

Thus, you will be able to take your loulou everywhere with you, without fearing that something will happen to him when he remains on the ground.

Moreover, it is an incredible asset to be accepted, without problem, in many restaurants and supermarkets. Finally, everywhere our furry friends are not often accepted.

Our selection of carrier bags for dogs.

Using a dog stroller:

We have already told you about the many advantages of the dog stroller.

You will therefore not be surprised that it is offered to you as a means of transporting your dog around town.

It will also allow you to keep it safe and will be suitable for a larger number of dogs.

Do not hesitate to read our previous post if you want to know more about this object which is still very rare in France.

Using a dog bike basket:

If you are used to traveling by bike when traveling around town, then the dog bike basket should surely interest you.

It is generally placed at the front of your bike and will allow you to comfortably install your dog there during all your travels.

As usual, we hope this article provided you with the help you were looking for. Please let us know what you would like to see in future articles.

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