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4 ways to match your dog bed with your interior

4 façon d'assortir le panier de votre chien avec votre intérieur - melissafendrichcreations

1. Coordinate colors

The easiest way to match your dog bed with your interior is to coordinate the colors.

2 solutions are available to you:

  • Choose a color similar to that of your sofa for example
  • Choose a different color that goes perfectly with your furniture

2. Coordinate subjects

The previous advice regarding colors applies equally to materials.

It will therefore be necessary to be vigilant when choosing your dog's new cozy nest, to choose a material that goes perfectly with your current furniture.

3. Choose a sober and elegant basket

If you want your dog's basket not to clash with your interior, but on the contrary to fit in perfectly; it will be necessary, at all costs, to avoid baskets designed with patterned fabrics, especially childish patterns. For the simple and good reason that this kind of patterns do not reflect elegance, quite the contrary.

So it will be better to choose something more sober.

You can stay original by choosing an unusual but elegant basket.

4. Choose a top quality basket

Use high-quality accessories that blend in well with your interior, if you can, of course.

Higher quality items are generally more aesthetically pleasing and can fit easily into your home decor.

Indeed, quite often, high quality baskets are designed with high quality fabrics that reflect elegance and are also more durable.

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