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The story of the bear Mélissa Fendrich Creations

L'histoire de l'ours Mélissa Fendrich Créations - melissafendrichcreations

The story of the bear

When I decided to create my brand I was thinking about a simple logo that would convey the message I had in mind, and that I could affix to my models, as the face of the brand.

The meaning of the bear

I wanted a logo that represents the place that my dogs have in my life, that is to say that I consider them to be my children. They bring me softness and comfort daily.

The bear was therefore an obvious choice to represent this magnificent relationship.

The creation of the bear

When I decided that my logo would be a bear, I had to design my own model in order to be unique and able to protect it.

It was then my mother, gifted in drawing, who created this little bear that you see on all my models.

The bear and you

The bear was immediately unanimous among you. When I first started designing with glitter, and making custom designs, the first thing I was asked was “can I have a bear in this color?”

An anecdote about the bear

I went through a difficult period where sales were clearly stagnating, and I called on a marketing coach. The latter wanted to completely remove the bear even though it is really the face of the brand.

I obviously refused, even if today, it is more discreet on certain models.

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