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All dogs are equal

Tous les chiens ont la même valeur - melissafendrichcreations

Misconceptions about small dogs:

There are a lot of received ideas about small dogs, a lot of judgements.

Small dogs are often perceived as not being dogs, as being too fragile, or even as being stuffed animals.

These received ideas are obviously false. Small dogs have the same characteristics as large dogs as well as the same needs but in less quantity.

Regarding their fragility, small dogs generally have a higher life expectancy than large dogs if they receive good care throughout their lives.

Misconceptions about large dogs:

Conversely, large dogs, contrary to what one might think, also receive their share of criticism.

They are generally perceived as dangerous, aggressive dogs.

In reality, what defines the behavior of a dog is its education. It is therefore advisable to take the time to offer a suitable education to your dog from an early age.

Choose a dog that suits us:

Unfortunately, today, far too many people choose a dog only because it is a "fashionable" breed, without learning about its character. This regularly ends in an abandonment, an unhappy dog, especially when it comes to large dogs.

When we want to adopt a dog, it is essential to check if the character of this one corresponds to our way of life and if we are able to manage it.

Adopting a dog, whatever its size, represents responsibilities of which you must be aware.

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