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Why are we a specialty shop for small dogs?

Pourquoi sommes-nous une boutique spécialisée pour les petits chiens ? - melissafendrichcreations

1. We know them well

We have responded, above all, to our own issue related to our little Prague ratters (which are considered the smallest dogs in the world). We don't see creating (yet) for larger breeds of dogs as we have no knowledge about them. (There are other terrific brands).

Additionally, we also believe that most large dog owners don't have the same expectations of canine accessories as we do and we don't want to stray from our identity.


2. We specialize in luxury dog ​​carriers

The primary goal of Mélissa Fendrich Créations is to respond to a problem which is: to create luxurious, trendy and elegant items for dog owners who are concerned about their appearance. In particular, to create carrier bags inspired by real handbags.

For those who have been following us from the beginning, you know that dog carriers are the heart of our brand.

It is obvious that large breeds of dogs do not fit in carrier bags, which unfortunately excludes them automatically.

Discover our luxury carrier bags for dogs .

3. Blankets for everyone

However, you should also know that we do not wish to exclude any animal. This is why we have created and we regularly create luxurious covers in the image of our brand.

So, whether you have a small dog, a cat, a big dog, a rabbit; and if you like our universe, it is quite possible for you to please yourself and your Loulou (for our greatest pride).

Discover our luxury pet blankets .

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